Group Yoga | The Forge: Lemont Quarry

Join us every weekend for Yoga at The Mount!

Multiple yoga styles will be offered, suited for a variety of ability levels.

Classes are led by certified yoga instructors and are one hour in duration.


Yoga at The Mount will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays at 9am and 11am, August through September.

Scheduling is subject to change based on weather conditions. Registration is required.

One Hour Class - $20


Power Yoga is a vinyasa based class focusing on strength, mobility, and flexibility to challenge the body and focus the mind. Enjoy familiar poses strung together through creative transitions for a truly invigorating practice. All of this set to energetic playlists amidst the beautiful outdoors. Open to all levels, instructors offer various modifications and variations for students to create a one of a kind yoga experience. Bask in the balance of your individual practice and the collective energy of our Forge family!


Soulful Saturday takes our signature Power Yoga class and invigorates it with an additional emphasis on raising vibrations to inspire and feed the soul. Each class is made unique by combining an intense physical flow with holistic healing tools such as ancient breathing techniques, mantra, and intention setting. Soulful Saturday is where you bring spirit back into your workout.

One Hour Class - $20



Ease into your Sunday with our gentle and peaceful Mindful Morning Flow. Slower paced, you’ll dive into a deep stretch, fueling each moment with full, intentional breaths to create the optimal restorative experience. Detox your body and quiet your mind through various healing postures, followed by a short guided meditation at the end of each class. This hour of bliss will leave you centered, revitalized, and utterly present, ready to take on the week ahead. Mindful Morning Flow is highly recommended for beginners looking to move at a slower pace and become familiar with traditional postures, as well as for advanced practitioners seeking balance and variety in their practice.

One Hour Class - $20


We offer excellent options for yoga enthusiasts who would like to take numerous classes. Below you'll find package options that include discounted rates and bonus guest passes so you can share the experience with your friend, family member, or partner!


With this package you will receive 5 one hour yoga classes PLUS 1 Guest Pass!

ONLY $90.00


With this package you will receive 10 one hour yoga classes PLUS 2 Guest Passes!

ONLY $170.00


Danielle discovered yoga at eighteen and was immediately smitten with the way in which the practice combined strength, release, focus, and a sense of self care—all aspects she found reflective of dance, her initial passion and lifelong dedication. As a dancer and dance instructor, yoga initially served as a form of cross training and restoration. Her career as a professional dancer in Chicago was strung together by various injuries due to the toll dance takes on the physical body. In need of rehabilitation, Danielle dove deeper into her yoga practice, and what was once merely a form of physical care, quickly evolved into a platform for self-expression, spirituality, and soulful transformation. The yogic mindset, practice, and lifestyle revolutionized her life, and she felt called to guide others looking to walk a similar path.


This journey led Danielle to complete her 200hr certification at Passion Yoga School in Costa Rica, followed by the BFPY mentorship program under Ali Brashler. She has continued her education through studying Ayurveda, pre/postnatal yoga, mobility, Shamanic philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, astrology, and the tarot. Danielle has thrived as an instructor in Chicago, serving her community through weekly classes at Bare Feet Power Yoga and Studio Three. Her power vinyasa style combines athleticism, fluidity, and creative transitions to challenge the body and ignite the spirit. Her love of all things mystic inspires the soulful energy she brings to each class. A born motivator, Danielle aims to leave her practitioners feeling empowered and revitalized by creating a space where true physical and spiritual transformation is possible.

Danielle Wilson


The Forge: Lemont Quarries

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