A new year brings with it new beginnings and we're all excited to welcome this one! Unleash your 2021 potential with Get Fit with The Forge Fam: 31 Days to Wellness Challenge. Join our Forge family member, Kelsey Haynes, as she leads you through a 31 Days to Wellness Program that will improve your health and wellness with weekly guided challenges that focus on the importance of taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Think you can't formally commit to a 31-day challenge? Don't sweat it! The program is virtual and challenges can be done anytime, anywhere -- but we all know The Forge's trails are the best place to enjoy your outdoor workout! Best part? It's completely FREE.


And those who register for the program will receive a special discount code to help you continue your personal health journey all year long with 10% off an Annual Membership to The Forge. Commit to yourself (and adventure!) in the new year. We're excited to start this journey with you in 2021!




With an enormous amount of gratitude, Kelsey has had the opportunity to train athletes of all ages and fitness levels in the local area throughout the last three years. Since being certified through World Instructor Training Schools in 2017, Kelsey primarily has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach providing one-on-one personal training to achieve her clients’ unique and/or sport-specific goals. Kelsey has also found great passion in coaching Group Fitness classes for adults, as well as volleyball, hockey, and various other sports teams. Kelsey's ultimate goal is to educate everyone she has the pleasure of working with on how to create their own attainable healthy lifestyle for the long term. Creating athletes for life and of all abilities keeps Kelsey dedicated to strive daily toward a better version of herself.


Growing up a competitive cheerleader, avid bike rider, and hiker, Kelsey has a great passion for physical activity and the outdoors, and she is a firm believer in the importance of remaining active throughout life. Once discovering bodybuilding, specifically weight training, Kelsey knew she found her lifelong journey in wellness. As a group fitness instructor and coach with an educational background in Nutritional Sciences, and currently working towards a yoga certification, Kelsey’s eager to share with others the benefits of exercise and a well-balanced diet, at any age or experience level!

This wellness program will feature:

  • Weekly workout guides

  • Ongoing wellness and fitness tips

  • A mid-way accountability check

  • Dedicated Facebook Group


Start your Monday out on the right foot with a 3 different resources, featuring a series of invigorating exercises to get you energized and pumped.


Fight that mid-week drag with a Wellness Wednesday tip - a mindful moment to help you focus and reset. End the week with a Fitness Friday tip, a quick exercise to get your heart racing just in time for the weekend.


Mid-month, we'll offer a special "Half-Way to 31" Fitness Friday check-in, including a live group workout. At the end of the month, join in on a virtual Group Wrap-Up, to celebrate all that you've accomplished and to set the stage for how to continue on your health & wellness journey throughout the entire year.​



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