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Self-Love is in the air. But it may not look like the typical self-help advice you’re accustomed to. The key to a happier, healthier you, Dr. James Beckerman explains, is helping someone else. In his incredible TEDx Talk, “Getting heart healthy: The missing ingredient”, Dr. Beckerman says the secret ingredient to self-help, and ultimately self-love, is helping others achieve their goals. Rather than focusing solely on yourself in your self-love journey, “why don’t we all join a team and heal ourselves together,” he says.

We watched the TEDx Talk so you didn’t have to, and compiled his key points to living a healthier, happier life.

Participating on a team (or supporting your friends, families, and communities) reinforces your value in the relationship. When you invest in your peers, they’re in turn, investing in you, too. You begin to realize your own self-worth when you see the impact your active participation in an activity, on a team, or just within a relationship has.

He realized his theory of acting as a group to heal the individual was a valid hypothesis.

Participants in Dr. Beckerman’s start-up group, Heart To Start, began to see not only emotional changes in their well-being but their physical health improved significantly as well. The Heart To Start program was started by Dr. Beckerman as a way to get community members active by walking (or running) together as a group.

By working as a team, rather than as individuals, the Heart to Start participants began to see their teammates’ lifestyles improve - which made them feel great about themselves as well. Participants are there to encourage and cheer each other on, motivating everyone to show up and stay active.

“So many of us were accustomed to this idea that we needed to travel our own journey alone… not anymore. None of us needs to. So even as we were becoming better selves, I started to think about who else could we be helping.” Taking his Heart To Start program to the next level, he encouraged his participants to volunteer.

“Volunteering is associated with a lower risk of heart disease and even mortality.”

While volunteering helps the community around you, it also gives you an increased sense of self-esteem. “The more you volunteer, the more you can change,” Dr. Beckerman explains.

Taking your self-love journey and expanding it into a love-your-community journey will not only improve your own life but the lives of those around you. By acting in a group, you can encourage your teammates and peers to be the best version of themselves, and they can boost you up as well.

If you’re considering taking Dr. Beckerman’s “prescription” of volunteering, The Forge Fam has just the right dosage to make it not only a heart-warming experience but a fun one.

At The Forge: Lemont Quarries, community is the core of our mission. Alongside our heart-racing physical activities in the park, you can make your heart happy by volunteering in the park with other community members. Through our Friends of The Forge volunteer program, you can give back to your community, which will then give back to yourself.

Our Friends of The Forge volunteers meet once a month to clear, clean, and help restore the Lemont Quarries environment. We remove invasive species from the trails and quarry ponds, pick up trash that harms the environment, and build new trails and paths for the community to enjoy. Not only are we restoring the land to a more natural state, but we are also bringing more opportunities for community members to get outside and be active. You can explore impactful volunteer adventures, meet new friends, and become an asset to your community by volunteering with the Friends of The Forge.

Looking for more information? Head to Make your heart and the community’s heart happy!

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