Get Outside and PLAY!: What's Happening at The Forge

April showers bring May flowers - so shower April with adventure! As the weather warms up, there’s no excuse to stay indoors. From climbing our towers to battling it out in The Arena and everything in between, we have endless opportunities to get outside and PLAY!

Tips for a rad April adventure

Be mindful of the weather - the sun is deceiving! While the window might show you sunshine, be sure to check the weather before coming out for your adventure. It gets windy by the quarry; be sure to bundle up and wear a coat. We recommend gloves, too, so your hands don’t get cold!

Forgefire Adventure Dining

This month, we’re excited to announce the new phase of Forgefire Adventure Dining. Our Globe Dining was perfect for the wintry nights down by the Forge Quarry. However, our new Forgefire Adventure Dining will let you enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells out in the open air at one of our tables. Get all the benefits of glamping without the overnight haul. Our menus are chef-curated by Executive Chef Jeanine, and each week features new items, ensuring no two weeks are the same.

Be sure to book your spot today for your favorite menu. Spots fill up quickly!

Eight Towers Adventure

The Eight Towers Adventure is back in full swing, baby! Explore our new tickets and experience what adventure should be like.

Summit: Our Summit ticket will push your challenge limits and give you the workout of a lifetime. The ropes course features different climbing and challenge elements at varying heights, ziplines between towers, and rappelling stations to give you the “superhero” feeling of jumping from a building.

Soar: Feel like you’re flying with our Soar ticket! Glide across the Forge Quarry and experience the beautiful views of The Forge. Climb your way up our East X or Skyscraper Tower, and zoom off into the distance to our East Side, where you can grab a drink at The Foundry<