The Forge: Lemont Quarries - Special Event Public Notice - 9/18/21


Dear Lemont Residents, Businesses and Users of the Heritage Quarries Recreation Area and Downtown Lemont:


Thank you for your support and input as we continue to provide outdoor recreational activities for Lemont residents and visitors and as we continue to clean up, improve and maintain the HQRA.


A pillar of our mission is to develop entertainment programming that utilizes the natural setting of the Forge and surrounding areas.  On Saturday, September 18, 2021 the adventure park will host the Pollyanna Oktoberfest for roughly 3000 guests. The trails and quarries on the north side of the I&M canal will be open for public access, but the access roads and parking lots will likely be completely full. We recommend recreational visitors bike, or walk into the HQRA that day.  


This is a great opportunity to promote awareness of the excellent outdoor recreational activities in Lemont, Pollyanna, and local businesses.


Please be advised that this event will impact the HQRA access road, trails, downtown metra lots, and general parking in the area:


  • The HQRA access road will have high traffic from 12:00 PM -  12:00 AM. 


  • The parking lots within the HQRA will have limited availability 12:00PM - 12:00 AM

  • The trails along the I&M Canal, around the quarries, and the trails along the I&M Canal connecting to Safety Village and Pollyanna Brewery Patio will have heavy foot traffic for the duration of the event.  


  • The road from Talcott leading to Olin and the HRQA will be controlled, and monitored by LEMA.


  • Parking in the Metra Lot and surrounding areas will be highly impacted by this event and monitored by LEMA.

  • We anticipate a high volume of guests will exit the park and head to downtown businesses at 11:00PM

  • The boat trailer parking spaces in the central lot near the boat launch may not be available.  


If you have any questions, please contact The Forge at (630) 326-3301.


Thank you for your understanding.

The Forge: Lemont Quarries